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What do you want?  Have a side hustle you're not sure is a business? Do you want your business to run and steer clear of legal trouble?  Have you started your career, and are just starting to accumulate some savings, thinking of getting married or buying a house?  Feel like you "don't have anything" why bother?  Are you approaching or in retirement, and not had a legal check up? Want to make sure your loved ones are cared for? 

Life and legalities intersect, whether you intend it or not. How you answer those legal questions will determine whether the legalities hit back. 

It was recently pointed out to me, on separate occasions, that people don't relish visiting their lawyer, nor does anyone enjoy filling out forms.  Despite being a fun person with a big heart, I have to admit, there are so many lawyers and options out there, you can't swing wet socks without hitting someone or some site. I understand the choice of settling on good enough for now. It seems more effective use of your time and affordable. There seems to be so much legal information and education available to anyone who can enter a few search terms. The answers come from sites with amazing five star reviews, so they must be okay, right?  Sally used what's it, and her business is doing well. They reduce what can be a headache of a many a legal process to an automation and contact with a person the minimum required. The minimum personalized contact is designed to maximize both profit and, where legal advice, to keep compliant with state by state bar licensing requirements. Long after the 5 star reviews on those quick answers with pages of disclaimers, tarnish because inevitably, because who you are and what your business is up to is unique and beyond the deck of questions sent to you by the site's automation.

Unlike those sites selling the equivalent of a form on a clipboard from an office supply, an attorney, including ME, needs to be licensed where you live and reside, or where your business is situated. So, folks, if you or your business isn't in Kentucky, and you still want me to help, I have a wide network of fellow solo and small practice attorneys with whom can help.  Add to it, attorney's actually have ethics and continuing legal education.  This is because the law, and it's nuances are continually changing.  The American Bar Association has model rules, and state bar associations have ethics rules about attorneys with multi-jurisdictional practices (read: they are licensed and practice law in lots of states). This isn't to say I can't answer questions about other state laws, but any substantive matters, I bring local counsel in.  As long as we are licensed on a state by state basis, this is a reality for any lawyer. That's a good thing, since every state has different laws on contracts, business formation, employment, to inheritance. 

The type of law I practice is not a one size fits most quick internet answer to your legal questions. If that makes you dread meeting up with me or anyone in my profession who wants to take the time to really get to know you and what you want, let me ask you this. Is your business or life reduced to 25 or so questions that populate a form?  Are you willing to risk it all, if it's wrong?  Any document is only worth a few things: your willingness to enforce it, ability to defend yourself, and whether the document was drafted accurately and in a way favorable to you in the first place.  

Meeting clients and getting work done is part of my favorite aspects of practicing law. I promise to make it as personable and efficient as possible.  I do use some automation, but that's so it's as easy to engage and interact with me (business hours please) as it is to order your amazon purchase. I have met clients at a cafe and former small town general store (go to Brenda's Cafe in Simpsonville, Kentucky, she suffers no fools), a warehouse office with saw horse desks, or even tack rooms with horses as coworkers. I've also met with clients virtually, using Hangouts or Zoom (still hoping for them to add snapchat filters that make me look like Mrs. Jetson).

It's the portability of the law coupled with my experience and ability to get to know you, beyond a deck of online questions, that can make all the difference.