I am a maker

NancyEsq Screenprint.png

My Mom taught me calligraphy when I was 12. She taught continuing education classes on calligraphy and her other art form, brass rubbing. When she was a child, they didn't have a word for what she experienced: dyslexia. Her parents believed what the teachers told them: she was slow. So, she worked extra hard and copied her mother's handwriting. She got so good at it, one time my maternal Grandmother was called into school and had to give a handwriting sample to prove a note she had sent was written by her and not my Mother.

As an adult, she fell in love with reading, and aspired to have beautiful handwriting. She spent hours taking her favorite phrases and turning them into calligraphy pieces. This was after the era of Kilroy was here, but before the internet meme! 

I learned how to run a business at my Mother's knee.  She opened her own artist studio and gift shop, and would set up booths at art fairs. She led by example how to run and promote her small business. 

My husband and I own a design, screen print and custom sticker shop, and so I've added screen printing to my skill sets. He founded it, just like my Mom had, on a shoe string and running booths and pop-up events. He taught me how to screen print, and so now, I make my own line of shirts and sundries.