Toss the To Do List

Toss the To Do List

That's right. Toss it. Or at least, revamp how you use it.  What you need is to focus on what's in front of you because work expands so as to fill the time we set aside to do it. The solution seems impossible at first: set shorter time periods, and boom!  See your productivity soar. It's called the Parkinson's Laws. It's how Sweden doesn't sacrifice productivity when they instituted a shorter 6 hour work day.

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Does the Government Shutdown Impact your small business?

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If you have a large number of veteran, active service or federal employees who are your customers, rely on a federal landmark, or perhaps you've filed for an early tax refund, you may be $@& out of luck. If your business relies on your ability to travel abroad, and your passport is pending, you're in the same S@#& house.  

The real situation to cause small business owners to clinch if you're relying on a loan guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.  If you count you're among those whose business relies on getting the cash proceeds from an SBA guaranteed loan and you've put your name on the line? Well, the current government shutdown, you and your business are in the swill.  It’s first when the legislative and execimutive branch is inder control of one party since the change in budget process in the mid-1970s, impacts you and your business. A shutdown halts federal loans to small businesses. During a shutdown, the Small Business Adminisitration stops approving applications for small businesses to obtain loans and loan guarantees, typically $1 billion per month. During the 2013 16-day shutdown, the SBA was unable to process about 700 applications for $140 million in small business loans.

I am a maker

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My Mom taught me calligraphy when I was 12. She taught continuing education classes on calligraphy and her other art form, brass rubbing. When she was a child, they didn't have a word for what she experienced: dyslexia. Her parents believed what the teachers told them: she was slow. So, she worked extra hard and copied her mother's handwriting. She got so good at it, one time my maternal Grandmother was called into school and had to give a handwriting sample to prove a note she had sent was written by her and not my Mother.

As an adult, she fell in love with reading, and aspired to have beautiful handwriting. She spent hours taking her favorite phrases and turning them into calligraphy pieces. This was after the era of Kilroy was here, but before the internet meme! 

I learned how to run a business at my Mother's knee.  She opened her own artist studio and gift shop, and would set up booths at art fairs. She led by example how to run and promote her small business. 

My husband and I own a design, screen print and custom sticker shop, and so I've added screen printing to my skill sets. He founded it, just like my Mom had, on a shoe string and running booths and pop-up events. He taught me how to screen print, and so now, I make my own line of shirts and sundries.