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There’s no substitute for experience gained from negotiating and documenting commercial deals. I enjoy the law, and deliver on that experience. I have sat on both sides of the negotiation table, and have been both the stakeholder, and the one making sure the end document represented the deal.

Business leaders know how important a deal can be to their company’s future.

They ‘live’ the deal and inevitably the highs and lows of the negotiations assume great importance in their lives.

I understand that passionate dedication and the need for legal services that hit the target, on-time and on-budget.

Many of my services for start-up are flat or fixed fee.  That way, when creating an initial budget, entrepreneurs can have a clear idea of what's involved and how much it will cost.  Many go on to choose my hourly service, but that can prove difficult to know when to engage my services for future matters, and near impossible to budget.  It's at times like that, on its face, attorneys and their clients appear to be cross-purposed. Attorneys billing hourly make more money the longer they take to resolve an issue, and businesses have no way to control costs and manage their budget. 

Enter my Virtual General Counsel (VGC) service.  It's a subscription for tiered services.  Unlike a retainer, where hourly work is deducted, it's a fixed amount for a fixed service.  Clients like it because they immediately see the value of making sure the i's are dotted and t's crossed, but have an affordable and fixed amount for their budget.  

Call me if you want a lawyer who has walked in your shoes, delivered deals, understands profit goals, and the pressures you face.


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