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Delicious eggs

most every time.

What I promise

Attorneys can't over-promise. Period. It's against our ethics rules.

This is not the case for legal answers found after an internet search, nor of a form site with inconspicuous disclaimers that it's not legal advice.  Not only do those answers come with guarantees with enough exceptions to make them meritless in application, but it is akin to making that omelet in a nonstick pan with no butter, and maybe some of those eggs have gone off.  Problem is, unlike that egg? You don't know your legal document is the egg equivalent of inedible or will make you sick, until it's too late. 

I can't promise to make a delicious omelet every time, but I can promise to do my best not to drop the eggs on the way to the counter, and make something edible.

When it comes to the law and meeting my client's needs? I'm fully licensed in the state of Kentucky.  Can't say that about a forms subscription, let alone an internet search. 

Here are my practice principles:

  • do what I say & say what I do.
  • help your business be profitable and sustainable.
  • be honest
  • be proactive to prevent the preventable

What I can't promise


The materials you find on this web site have been prepared by the Law Office of Nancy Moise Haws, PLLC to provide information about the services offered to our clients and to provide information of general interest about a variety of legal subjects. This information is not intended as legal advice or as a substitute for the particularized advice of your own counsel and should not be relied upon as such, as the advice appropriate for you will be dependent upon the particular facts and circumstances of your situation. The transmission or receipt of this information does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Similarly, the site may provide links to other sites that may be useful or informative. These links to third party sites or information are not intended as, and should not be interpreted by you as constituting or implying our endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of the third party information, products, or services found there.

The laws governing legal advertising in the state of Kentucky require the following statements in any publication of this kind:

"THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT." - as in, I'm hoping you hire me and I promise to be honest and accurate with what I share here.

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