Employee Engagement

The key to making any business a sustainable venture is continuity in staff, and the key to that is making sure you hire those who shared a passion for your business. Employees who are "mission driven" has what it takes to go beyond the guarantee of a paycheck, go that extra mile. 

Of the various ventures I've been involved in, from small business, entrepreneurial nonprofits and for-profits, to working for large companies and clerking at a state agency, one of the keys to ANY organization is having the right mix of personalities and skill sets.

I've seen lots of different philosophies at work when hiring, but no matter who you extend the offer to, what is most important happens before the hire. 

For that, I have a series of books I highly recommend by a Gallup Poll scientist, Tom Rath.

Strength Finder 2.0

Vital Friends 

Control your cash

We've all heard the statistics on new businesses failing.

If you don't want your next venture to be among them, whether you start it on a shoestring, or funded by savings or lottery winnings, one of the keys to making it a go is cash management.  

For that, take the time to read Mike Michalowicz's book on the topic.

Profit First


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