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the Nancy of NancyEsq

not everyone gets to be their own adjective


I was first exposed to how to run a small business was done at my Mother's knee.  She was a calligrapher and an artisan who rubbed the brass monuments from the 13th century.  She taught me her craft, and I helped her at her shop, studio, during classes, and running her booth at area art fairs. 

One of my early jobs out of undergrad was working for an entrepreneur who took his business out of his garage and transformed it into a multi-million dollar company.  I was hooked.

I am a maker and a small business owner, not just with owning my own law firm, but in other ventures.  

I am an experienced attorney for emerging enterprises, ongoing ventures, and their exit strategies and estate planning needs.

My off the resume highlights include:

  • programmed in basic, and coded in sql (don’t ask me to do it please. It haunts me still.)

  • served as catalyst to start-ups with zero capital to sustainable ventures, during which time I worked various jobs, from flipping burgers at White Castle (a la American Beauty), to exercise riding Thoroughbreds, to make ends meet.

  • reduced my life to three suitcases & a one-way flight across the pond

  • started my practice with a baby on my hip, and a bun in the oven

I have advised owners, stakeholders and senior management on commercial contracts, deal negotiation strategies, dispute resolution, employment and human resources issues, mergers and acquisitions, trade practices compliance, as well as, in limited extent start up IT and IP issues. I have also advised independent directors involved in private equity small market acquisitions.

My nonprofit and small business work brings me into regular contact with leaders in the Louisville community.

I have solid commercial experience having negotiated and drafted a broad array of legal documents – including shareholders agreements, sale of business agreements, commercial contracts, trading terms and conditions, employment agreements, IT contracts, software development agreements, engineering contracts, and maintenance and service contracts.

I have been responsible for structuring, negotiating and drafting contracts from IT start ups to charitable ventures.

In fact, I revel in the opportunity to work with technology-based clients (I freely admit to being a geek at heart).

My passion is business development. I thoroughly enjoy the dynamics of corporate strategy and the many challenges involved in building a business.  My value is in preventing the preventable drama.

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